Saturday, September 11, 2010

First arial pursuit at a distance.

When we arrived the adult took off from the dead tree and flew towards the river. Then I noticed another eagle over there and the adult flew right to it. This is what took place. At first I thought the eagle pair was doing a display. Then realized it was a young eagle. This pairs eaglets were still in the tree. And I saw another one flying in behind and it was calling. We have 2 new young eagles that have joined this family while migrating. A good stop over place to rest. This young eagle actually flew in the other direction after it's confrontation with this adult. And the adult proceeded to go fishing up the river.
These shots are taken from a long distance away.
In the 3rd photo down the adult eagle and young eagle collide. I can not tell exactly what took place. But it looks like the adult was right over the young one. And the young one was calling out constantly.