Sunday, September 5, 2010

Eagle update. Sept.4th,2010

Jeff & I decided to go check the eagle family today.
First time we have seen the river choppy since we have been monitoring this family. Was very cool,windy,rain on & off,sun. You name it,we had it. But the eagles were out in front when we arrived at 10:30 AM. One young in the tree close to Mom. Didn't see the other young. But we could not keep still or get to were we normally went to watch. Water level is down and to windy. Shots I have posted are from a great distance and from a very bouncy boat. 500 full out and still cropped but not much. Just update shots. Even the eagles didn't seem to eager to fight the high winds. Mom did not go far to get her catch. And hovered the lowest we have ever seen . It was a quick out, catch and in to a stump on the shoreline to eat her feast. We headed back and Jeff got rather wet. Was a wild ride until we got closer to the shoreline. But as always,we loved it. Always were the life jackets and dress for the weather. Safety first. The oliver is a 14 foot boat with a 35 hsp. Very sturdy boat and you always feel safe in it. Most stable boat I have ever been in. And of coarse the driver has a lot to do with it as well. Jeff was born on the lake and been around boats his whole life. Thanks to his Dad he has learned a lot.