Saturday, September 11, 2010

Arial acrobatic's

Young one flew from the tree. And from behind the trees adult took chase. She chased her eaglet and they did an amazing arial climb. Young was not happy with this I believe because it was shrieking and calling out during the whole thing. Beak hanging open and appeared to just want to get away. Adult was very gentile it seemed through this whole procedure. And it was very fast. I am thinking it was teaching the eaglet survival techniques. But not sure. Have not seen this before between it's family. Just when they were telling the osprey's who were harassing them to leave or else. That was the only time they turned there talons on another bird. I am afraid with all the trees and such around that the camera did not co-operate 100% for focusing. And this was very quick. So shots are not the best but you can see them well enough to get the impact of what they were doing.