Monday, September 27, 2010

Eagles have gone.

Well we had a journey out to the lake on Sunday September 26th. No eagles seen or heard this day. We were there on Friday Sept 17th as well and at that point the one adult was way in the back. But no others seen or heard. Hunting has started and the duck blinds are in full swing. Didn't see any hunters yesterday but the blinds are ready to roll and all greened up. Not a whole lot of ducks around either. A few great blue herons and double crested cormorants and ringed billed and herring gulls. But that was it. Fall has arrived. The colors are getting vibrant. And the lake is getting cold. Another great season has come to an end. And we will look forward to our bald eagle family and other families arrival back next spring. And hope for another great season with our family. Thank you to all who have followed our bald eagle family with us. Lets hope they have a safe journey south. And lets hope for a safer season for them next year. In that I mean I hope the skiers are made to wait it out or move elsewhere through the nesting season.